Campus Central 25 de julio de 2017

De Uvghoy


Academic Fair CUAE

This past Wednesday October 19 was such an amazing day, full of activities and food to get to know a lot of important information regarding the two different Bachelor degrees that Universidad del Valle de Guatemala offers its students by enrolling in a list of very dynamic and unique courses. These two types of Bachelor degrees are the B.S. and the B.A. (Bachelor in Science and Bachelor in Arts). This courses or classes, are divided in three main groups: Sports, Languages and Arts. In the Languages group, we have the Japanese workshop, the French workshop and a course named Business English; in the case of the Sports group, we have the Athletics, Swimming classes and Chess; and in the Arts section, we have a Digital Photography workshop, Video producing and editing workshop and Drawing workshop.

In the first Academic Fair set up in Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, organized by the college administration (CUAE), we had the opportunity to witness great expositions and different information stands inviting all the students to enroll in all the possible courses named before, and get extra credits by doing so. One of the main attractions was the food that the event had to offer, different kinds of food, like cheesy pizza, gourmet desserts from well known ‘Le Petit Paris’ restaurant and store, and great Sushi from the Guatemalan Rice Association. All the funds obtained from the food selling, will be directed to the University scholarship programs to benefit a lot of future students.

The outcome for the event was a great number attendees, we had more than 300 students that visited the Academic Fair. All the staff in charge of the stands was able to inform a lot of students about the benefits of obtaining a Bachelor’s degree, and could collect student’s information for future enrollments in this courses. We can conclude that this event, the first Academic Fair ever, was a huge success and of a lot of benefits to all the participants. Can´t wait for more of this amazing activities inside university´s campus!

Juan Pablo López Rodríguez
Business English Student

Campus Altiplano Campus Central Campus Sur
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